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Grovia Introduces Automated Partner Outreach

By January 19, 2022August 26th, 2022No Comments
create email sequences for affiliate recruitment, sending the right message at the right time to the ideal partner

Starting today, Grovia customers will now have access to our world-class Automated Partner Outreach software suite. With ease, users can now launch automated email workflows to send multi-touch partner recruitment campaigns.

Simply connect your email inbox to Grovia, and you can start sending personalized outreach at scale. Grovia’s email toolsets are inspired by the best in sales engagement technology to provide users with a powerful and familiar experience.

What is Automated Partner Outreach?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the features now available in Grovia:

  • Email Connections: easily connect your inbox and send emails directly from the Grovia app. Users can add multiple email addresses.
  • Email Templates: craft your perfect partnership pitch and save it to be used across your recruitment campaign. Use personalization tokens to automatically pull in partner contact details!
  • Email Reporting: track open, click, and bounce rates for your partner recruitment campaigns to measure your engagement.
  • Email Sequences: construct multi-touch email workflows that automatically follow-up with partner prospects.

Grovia is excited to help partner developers streamline their outreach efforts with Automated Partner Outreach. Grovia’s new Concierge package pairs partner recruitment experts with best-in-class software to quickly enable scaled Partner Discovery, Outreach, and Activation. 

Contact us here to schedule your demo!

Happy recruiting!