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Grovia Introduces Monetization Finder

By December 16, 2021August 26th, 2022No Comments

Announcing Monetization Finder.

Monetization Finder is the latest addition to Grovia’s industry-leading affiliate recruitment tool. Grovia has now extended the capabilities of affiliate managers (AKA partner development managers) by helping to identify websites that are monetizing their traffic with affiliate marketing.

This is a game-changing feature in affiliate management. Grovia’s Discovery Tool still has the features of quickly finding high-relevant content and contact info for those sites. The Monetization Finder helps quickly identify how each of those publishers monetize their content. 

A simple tag next to the site will showcase whether a site already uses affiliate links or display ads. Users can adjust the advanced filters to search for only publishers that use affiliate links!

Accelerated Partner Recruitment.

Enter Monetization Finder, the feature that will help partner development managers save an enormous amount of time spent manually filtering through Google results. 

Partner development managers can speed up their recruitment efforts by knowing if a publication is going to be open to affiliate offers. They will be able to  easily filter out non-monetized blogs and focus on partners ready to listen to a pitch. 

Simply put, the Monetization Finder will help locate affiliate sites faster, reach out to the best publications to work with, and help response and success rates skyrocket!

Finding Publishers that Are Open to the Affiliate Model.

One of the biggest difficulties for affiliate managers is finding partners willing to work on an affiliate basis. When Google searching relevant keywords that brands would like to rank for, typically you find five types of sites:

  • Ecommerce > Selling a product.
  • Youtube > The best ranking videos.
  • Content
    • Affiliate > Our main target!
    • Google display ads > Banners paid on impressions.
    • SEO focused > Very clean, looking to sell the site in the future.

When evaluating these results, it is time consuming to identify partners that are willing to work on a commission basis. Reaching out to each site would result in a mix of low response rates and even low success rates…and in some cases, getting marked as spam.

Get Started Today.

Ready to save time and effort on your recruitment efforts? Sign up for a FREE TRIAL of Grovia’s Partner Discovery Tool today and start filtering partners like a pro. 

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