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How HLTH Code Grew Their Affiliate Program by Over 3.5x in 3 Months

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The Challenge of Scaling an Affiliate Program

HLTH Code had a world class product, but they needed help getting it into the right hands. They required product evangelists – influential people that believed in their product, believed in the science, and wanted to work together to broadly share HLTH Code. Building an affiliate program was the clear solution.

The question was, “how do we scale?” With the volume of sales HLTH Code had their sights set on – they required a software solution that could accurately track affiliate conversions, the technical expertise to develop their affiliate channel, and the ability to launch a significant partner recruitment campaign reaching 1000s of prospective content creators and influencers. 

HLTH Code looked to Grovia + Refersion to grow their budding affiliate program into an important source of revenue for their business.

Dr. Benjamin Bikman, co-founder of HLTH Code, is a researcher and popular speaker on the topics of human metabolism and nutrition. Keenly aware of the negative impact poor diets have on the health of people across the world, he and the co-founding team of nutritional and industry experts set out to formulate a nutritional product that takes the guesswork out of eating healthy.

Backed by the latest nutritional and metabolic science, HLTH Code is a nutritionally complete meal replacement shake created to be nutritious, affordable, and ultra-convenient.

“Grovia and Refersion were the answer. They dug in, understood our objectives and made an immediate difference in quickly recruiting new influencers and content creators”

Joel Bikman, Co-Founder, HLTH Code

Content-Focused Partner Recruitment

Grovia launched a partner discovery strategy focused on influencers and content creators across blogs, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Amazon Live, and more recently, TikTok.

By deploying proprietary partner search tools and automated outreach campaigns, Grovia was able to engage hundreds of content partners every week, and over 1,600 by the end of the first three months. In a short time, HLTH Code’s affiliate program was trending with popular content creators.

Revenue Activation at Scale

With white-labeled sign-up pages, personalized affiliate links, and performance dashboards, Refersion automated the process of onboarding new HLTH Code partners at scale. Within those three months, over 200 new partners joined the HLTH Code partner program.

“We saw affiliate revenue significantly increase in a short period of time. There was a clear ROI early-on.”

Joel Bikman
Co-Founder, HLTH Code

The next step was nurturing these newly-onboarded partners into revenue-generating creators. Grovia’s dedicated partner development worked hand-in-hand with creators to monetize their content, develop content calendars, deliver product samples, and foster accountability.

This hands-on approach to partner activation established long-term HLTH code partnerships that continue to generate monthly recurring revenue – and it’s how HLTH Code accomplished 3.74x affiliate revenue growth in a matter of months.

The Results


Monthly Revenue Growth


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