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How Gorgias Grew Their Partner Program into the Leading Revenue Driver

By November 8, 2021August 26th, 2022No Comments

“Scale the Partner Program”

Gorgias’ partner program showed early signs of promise. Their (initially) small partnerships team was able to make a significant revenue impact. Before long, the strategic directive was given to invest more time and resources into this new channel that was showing the potential of strong ROI and scalability.

They needed software that could attribute conversions, manage payments, and handle multiple partner channels – including affiliate & resellers.

In addition, they required a solution for top-of-funnel partner engagement. With the scale that Gorgias was targeting, they needed a partner recruitment solution that enabled quick wins across partner discovery, outreach, and activation.

Gorgias chose Grovia & PartnerStack for their best-in-class recruitment solutions and SaaS-tailored partner platform. Collectively, the teams built a strategy to uncover helpdesk-savvy partners in the e-commerce space, engage with prospects at scale, and enable newly applied partners to generate revenue and earn commissions.


Gorgias is the #1 rated ecommerce helpdesk – enabling merchants to turn customer service into a profit center.

By helping ecommerce merchants centralize their support tickets, Gorgias provides a holistic view of their customers for fast, personalized help.

Gorgias connects with major ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce – allowing merchants to get setup in minutes.

“Grovia was integral in scaling our partner outreach. We’re now engaging with new revenue-generating partners every day.”

– Philippe Roireau VP, Partnerships

A Partner Platform Built for SaaS

Gorgias started its partnership’s journey with PartnerStack in 2018. Since then, they’ve grown into textbook power users who take full advantage of the platform’s automation. View the video case study from PartnerStack here. 

Gorgias uses PartnerStack to streamline the process of working with multiple types of partners – from enabling partners to automating reward payouts. As the foundation to their partner strategy, PartnerStack + Grovia has empowered Gorgias to scale this channel into a leading revenue driver.

Recruiting Agency Partners & Resellers

Grovia provided Gorgias with a key competitive advantage: Automated Partner Discovery. Gorgias needed a widespread approach to attracting e-commerce-oriented agencies & resellers. With Grovia, Gorgias was able to launch personalized outbound campaigns that attracted over 30 new agency partners per month. Finding the right partners to promote Gorgias required a well-defined target partner persona, tailored messaging, and strong partner positioning. Grovia’s solutions helped Gorgias balance personalization with automation to attract good-fit resellers at scale.

Engaging Content Creators & Affiliates

While resellers play a significant part in Gorgias’ partner strategy, they did not overlook the recent boom in third-party content creation. With Grovia, Gorgias was able to uncover high-converting content that highlighted the benefits of leveraging e-commerce helpdesk solutions. Gorgias recognized the value of identifying third-party content creators that have already successfully captured their target audience’s attention. Through scaled partner development – Gorgias was placed in high-converting existing content and sponsored net-new content.

Between the abundance of agency partners, resellers, and content creators activated into the Gorgias partner program – the channel now drives

50% of all company revenue.



Partners Engaged


Partner Revenue


of Company Revenue driven by Partner Channel