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Case Studies

How Grovia refocused LAPG’s affiliate program

By March 17, 2021August 26th, 2022No Comments


LAPG, an online retailer of outdoor gear, had built a substantial partner program. While their affiliate channel was driving significant revenue, LAPG had concerns about the incrementality of some of their partners. Specifically, they needed to optimize their affiliate program to ensure the marketing dollars they were spending on commissions were truly driving incremental revenue for their business.

With specialization in partner discovery, recruitment, and activation, Grovia brought significant experience in optimizing the partner mix for incremental revenue.

Grovia analyzed LAPG’s affiliate channel to understand how affiliate commissions were paid out – and whether partners were being compensated according to the actual incremental revenue they helped drive.

We needed to re-optimize our affiliate program to ensure every dollar LAPG spent in partner commissions was incrementally contributing to revenue. With Grovia, we launched recruitment campaigns that rebalanced our partner mix to maximize incrementality, helping us realize a 50% uptick in affiliate revenue in three months. Our partnership with Grovia was instrumental in upgrading our software to a platform that saved us thousands each month on variable fees. Between the dollar savings and revenue increase, Grovia has helped LAPG take a big step forward in growing the affiliate channel.

Ryan Batenhorst
Operations Manager, LAPG






Increased Focus on Content Partners To further optimize for incremental revenue, Grovia launched automated partner recruitment campaigns for content partners, focusing on YouTube and Blogs.

Multi-Touch Attribution Grovia recommended keeping high-performing coupon and loyalty partners due to their contribution to conversion rates but re-optimized the commission structure so that coupon partners receive a fair allocation of commission.

Platform Upgrade Grovia migrated LAPG’s affiliate program to a more sophisticated partner management software platform. The upgraded solution granted LAPG a wider breadth of features, such as multi-touch attribution, while providing thousands per month in dollar savings on SaaS expense.


THE RESULTS | 3 Months In




MRR Increase
(50% Growth)


Recurring Monthly Savings


Partners Discovered


Partners Onboarded