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How Ledger Expanded Internationally with Scaled Partner Recruitment

By January 5, 2022August 26th, 2022No Comments
How Ledger Expanded Internationally with Scaled Partner Recruitment

“The pursuit of international expansion”

Companies looking to expand customer acquisition internationally often take the traditional approach: build out an office in their target countries by researching labor laws and hiring marketing/sales talent from that region that can speak the respective language and effectively attract new business. This approach can require significant upfront investment and may take years to realize an ROI.

In 2022, high-growth companies are leveraging lean strategies to quickly enter new markets. The Ledger Growth & Acquisition team built a plan to partner with content creators, publications, and businesses in new countries that have already captured the attention of their target audiences.

By implementing a revenue-sharing partnership model, Ledger could discover, engage, and activate international ambassadors to promote Ledger’s products with minimal upfront investment.

This strategy, of course, requires partner recruitment on a global scale. Enter Grovia.


Ledger provides the smartest way to secure, buy, exchange and grow crypto assets.

Ledger’s state-of-the-art hardware wallets for cryptocurrency provide full isolation between users’ private keys and their easy-to-hack computer or smartphone.

Trusted by over 4 million customers, Ledger is the most popular hardware wallet in the world.

“We saw a clear ROI early on and knew we should expand our efforts with Grovia. Their partner recruitment platform is a cheat code for accelerated acquisition on a global scale.”

– Ludovic Simon Head of Growth & Acquisition



Geo-Targeted Partner Discovery for Ledger| Influential Cryptocurrency Experts

Grovia’s best-in-class Partner Discovery Platform has a distinct feature that enabled Ledger’s global reach: geotargeted partner search.

With geo-targeting, partner developers were able to virtually place themselves in their target country’s realm of online content. Using keywords like “hardware wallets”, “how to secure crypto”, and “bitcoin”, the partner development team was able to uncover the relevant content creators with the greatest volume of traffic/engagement in each of these regions.

The team focused on content across YouTube & high-ranking publications.

Ledger International Expansion via Revenue-Active Partnerships

With Grovia, Ledger targeted partnership opportunities in South America and Asia – engaging partners from over 15 countries concurrently.

Grovia’s outreach solutions are oriented around balancing personalization with automation to deliver scaled recruitment campaigns with world-class response rates and engagement.

In the first 9 months, the Ledger Affiliate Program over 2,300 prospects were engaged. Partnership candidates that expressed interest in working with Ledger were added to Ledger’s partner recruitment funnel to be nurtured and enabled to drive revenue.

Content creators recruited with Grovia have generated evergreen content that has become top-performing assets for Ledger. As such, Ledger has already produced a 3X ROI on their Grovia investment, and their partner recruitment efforts have only just begun


RESULTS | Month 9



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