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by James Brodie

What is Twitch? is a streaming platform in which broadcasters showcase themselves playing video games to their live chat audience. Although this platform has a large emphasis on video gaming, the extent of the platform goes much further. Chat interaction is at the pinnacle of what makes Twitch so special, and many streamers feed purely off of this interaction as their main source of content instead of gameplay. One of the most popular sections of Twitch is the “Just Chatting” section where streamers talk with their chat while watching videos, making jokes, or just hanging out.

Why Influencer Marketing on Twitch Works

Twitch’s reach is massive, and with 28 million unique users per month, it is a great place to promote your product or brand. Twitch viewers are often very connected to their preferred streamers and many viewers love to support them in any way they can. This is typically true of streams of any size, whether they average 10,000 viewers, or just 30. As a result, many advertisers see great results from influencer marketing on Twitch

How to Advertise Your Product/Brand on Twitch

When pursuing influencers to potentially promote your product or services, there are a number of ways to go about it. For long term sponsorships, many streamers will put a banner with a link to the product on their channel page. Frequently, they’ll add a promo code that viewers can use to get free trials or discounts on featured products.

Products or brands can also be promoted directly on the stream. This is accomplished through an overlay displaying the name of your product/brand, your brand name appearing in the title of the stream, or maybe even a sponsored stream activity where the streamer might try, or talk about a specific product for a certain period of time. These are just a few common examples of advertising on Twitch, but there are plenty of other creative ways to promote your brand depending on the route you want to take.

Typically, many of the biggest streamers have all been approached by companies for ads and sponsorships, however, not many advertisers decide to pursue smaller streamers which offer just as much potential to raise brand recognition. Below is a streamer’s analytics who averaged around 600 viewers per stream. As shown, despite only having 600 average viewers, there were over 15,000 unique viewers who at one point joined the stream. This being said, streamers with smaller view counts still have a great reach and are definitely worth pursuing as an advertiser. In fact, it may be well worth the effort to pursue streamers even with as little as 100 average viewers.

How to Find Great Twitch Influencers

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a streamer to promote your brand.

1. Check the chat

The chat is a big part of the stream and the chat often reflects the streamer. It is a good idea to take a look at the chat when they are live and see if the chat is regularly berating the streamer or making negative or inappropriate comments. Many streamers do a good job of cultivating positive and supportive communities, but it is a good idea to look for any outliers as those communities might not represent your brand the best.

2. Check the content

Take a look at the streamer’s content as well, and see if their content is something that might resonate with your brand. If the streamer isn’t live, you can click on their profile picture to the left of their title and click on the ‘Video’ tab. From there you can filter to see their past broadcasts or popular clips of their streams to get a feel for the content they produce. How does the streamer come across when they are live? Are they playing a game that might be too explicit for your target demographic? These are all things that are important to consider when partnering with a streamer on Twitch.

3. Check the metrics

If you are looking for some of the bigger streamers, you can use websites such as Twitchtracker or Twitchmetrics where you can find the top streamers using factors such as “view count” or “most watched”.

4. Check the “Browse” Tab

If you want to find some of the smaller streamers, doing it manually is most likely your best bet. To do this, you can go to Twitch and click on the ‘Browse” Tab in the upper left corner. There you will be taken to the game directory where you can see a list of sections all organized by viewer count per section. A good place to start is always the “Just Chatting” section, especially if you are looking for a more interactive advertisement from the streamer to the viewer.

5. Contact them

Once you have found a potential influencer and are ready to contact them, scroll down below their video feed and you will see their channel page. Most streamers have their business email somewhere on their channel page, but if not, they typically have links to all of their social media accounts, so you can try contacting them there. You can also message them directly on Twitch if the streamer allows direct messages. Look for the chat box icon in the top right corner of the website and click on it. You can type in the streamer’s name and message them directly from there.

To Wrap It Up

Twitch is growing to become one of the largest social media outlets in North America and Europe. For many products and brands that target this audience, it could be a strategic and affordable vehicle for expanding your marketing channel.

With that said, Twitch can be a confusing and unknown space for most marketers. Understandably, this may cause apprehension as you try to decide where to spend your marketing dollars. Adapting to a new style of marketing on an unfamiliar platform might seem challenging initially, but it’s not impossible. Partner Marketing Agencies like Grovia Partners help companies jumpstart their affiliate & influencer programs, and specialize in recruiting partners from social platforms like Twitch. Click here to learn more about the Grovia Recruitment Engine.