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Grovia Partner Discovery

Quickly find affiliates, influencers, and publishers that generate revenue
Common Use Cases

Find bloggers, content creators, and publishers with ready-to-buy audiences

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When recruiting partners, be ready to negotiate compensation! Common compensations models include:

  • Free Product
  • Variable Performance Fee (via affiliate links)
  • Flat Fee (Paid Placement)

If you need help generating affiliate links for your products, contact us or check out our partners:

How to search with Grovia

Grovia is most effective when searching from the perspective of your audience.

This means be thoughtful, get specific, and put yourself in the shoes of someone who needs your product or service


Understand your buyer’s journey

What information does your buyer look for prior to making a purchase from you?

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For example, if you sell Japanese teapots (tetsubin), your typical buyer likely looks up information on adjacent topics like:

  • “cast iron teapots”
  • “Japanese tea”
  • “tetsubin care & maintenance”


Formulate a Grovia search that aligns with realistic buyer search patterns

What would your typical buyer actually search for when learning about your product or service?

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A better Grovia Search would be:

  • “where to buy cast iron tea pots”
  • “how to clean a tetsubin”
  • “best japanese loose-leaf tea”


Discover partners, find contact information, and build your outreach lists

What is your strategy for partner recruitment?

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Recruiting partners and enabling them to effectively promote your products and services is the next step! If you need help, take a look at our managed recruitment service offering!

How Grovia Works

24/7 Web Crawling

Grovia’s Discovery Engine crawls the web to find hundreds of thousands of good-fit partners based on your search phrases.

Intelligent Content Categorization

The engine categorizes partner sites based on identifiers such as page traffic metrics, back-end content management systems, and brand safety.

Verified Contact Information

We supplement our data with verified contact information and list-building functionality to provide you everything needed to kickstart your partner recruitment efforts.

Digital Partner Discovery

Set your partner marketing recruitment on auto-pilot

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